Monday, April 20, 2015

Car Accident Compensation: What to Expect

If you have been a victim of an auto accident in Raleigh, where can you turn for compensation? Even if you sustained only minor injuries or emotional distress, can you still seek remuneration?

Getting Hit by One or More Cars

Generally, under the laws of the State of North Carolina, if you get hit by a car or get caught in collision of two or more vehicles, you can seek compensation from the at-fault driver. You may be able to claim payments for your medical expenses and rehabilitation, property losses, and other economic or non-economic damages, including loss of wages and emotional distress arising from the accident. You can submit a claim directly to the liable driver’s insurance or from your own, which will reimburse it from the other carrier. 

Getting Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

In a hit and run case where you were the victim, you can make a claim from the same entities (i.e. your insurance carrier or the other driver’s if he or she is caught) or file a personal injury lawsuit, too. In addition, the driver will be charged with a felony of leaving the scene of the accident, which can result in their needing to pay penalties or having their license suspended or revoked.

Even if you were badly injured and the other driver is clearly at fault, getting proper compensation can still be difficult. Work with a skilled Raleigh lawyer for guidance in the laws surrounding your case and get competent legal representation.

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