Saturday, April 18, 2015

Raleigh DWI Lawyer: North Carolina DWI Laws Are About to Get Tougher

"North Carolina’s DWI laws are notably among the toughest in the nation. The Tar Heel State may be a tobacco-friendly state, but when it comes to drinking and driving, your actions may land you in a whole lot of legal trouble and in need of the services of a smart Raleigh DWI attorney. Things are only bound to get tougher for DWI offenders. The North Carolina State House recently OK’d two new laws that would impose harsher penalties for those who choose to drive while impaired. House Bill 32 In North Carolina, four DWI offenses in 10 years constitute a Class F felony, punishable by a mandatory one year prison sentence, which cannot be suspended. House Bill 32 aims to raise that threshold to three years. After an offender’s license is reinstated, he or she must undergo alcohol counselling, and will require an ignition interlock—which is designed to prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking—be installed in his or her vehicle.

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