Thursday, December 17, 2015

Choosing the Right Family Lawyer

Whether you are looking to finalize a divorce or you are trying to wrap up the paperwork on an overseas adoption, there are a couple of things that you want to look for when you are choosing a family lawyer. The right family lawyer for you will have the professional certifications and the experience that are required to represent you in a court of law. They will also have the interpersonal skills to communicate openly with you in order to determine what your desired outcome is in a settlement.

Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney

In the event that you are charged with a crime, then a criminal defense attorney would be someone who can help you through the court process. Before hiring an attorney, there are some questions that you want to ask so that you have the best representation when you enter the court room.

Questions for a DWI Attorney

If you have been charged with DWI, then the assistance of an attorney might be needed in court. Proper legal representation can help reduce the charges and its resulting penalties. There are a few things that you want to look for when you begin looking for an attorney to ensure that you will find the best representation possible.

Custody Struggles during the Holidays


Child custody issues are always a major source of stress in the home. This is even more complex during the holidays, as each parent wants to ensure that they don’t miss out on time with the child. The state of North Carolina does recognize the feelings of parents faced with child custody situations. The government, however, has made a stand to show that the court system within the state must make the best decisions based on the child or children’s best interests instead of those of the parent.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What to Do if You Suspect Foul Play: Seek the Help of a Raleigh Lawyer

Trouble is brewing in Raleigh, NC. Back in September, five local police officers were placed on administrative leave after an unarmed African-American male died in their custody. The man, Carl Devince King, 52, was violently swinging a lamp when officers arrived at 3032 Slippery Elm Drive near Southeast High School. The officers restrained him and called EMS because of his erratic behavior. When EMS arrived, one of their personnel attended to King and initiated CPR when his condition noticeably changed. The personnel continued to perform CPR until King was pronounced dead. Both the Raleigh Police Department and the State Bureau of Investigation are investigating the death.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer discusses how “hot coffee” can get a business in “hot water”!

In September, Dunkin’ Donuts settled a personal injury claim for $522,000. A customer allegedly tripped over a spike in the parking lot and spilled hot coffee on herself, sustaining injuries that required surgery in January of 2012. Last March, we wrote an article about a similar parking lot incident at a McDonald’s. A lot of people fall as a result of hazardous conditions, however most decide not to make a claim because their injuries are minor or they are simply embarrassed and think that the fall could be due to their own contributory negligence.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Raleigh DWI attorney says a DWI conviction can happen to anyone

Both DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated or Impaired) are criminal charges that apply to a person operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Laws regarding these offenses are known to vary from state to state. Some states consider DUI a lesser charge than DWI. Some states don’t distinguish between the two charges at all. North Carolina belongs to the latter group. DWI is a serious charge that comes with heavy penalties, however. It could result in the temporary loss of your driver’s license, a considerable sum of money, and even your freedom. These severe penalties undoubtedly require an aggressive defense from a knowledgeable DWI attorney in Raleigh, NC, such as one of the attorneys at Kurtz & Blum.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Murder or Self-Defense? A Raleigh Criminal lawyer thinks we should wait before making any judgments

When Joanna Roberta Madonna was tried in Wake County in September, she admitted that she was the one who killed her husband. The crime allegedly happened in June 14, 2013 and resulted in the death of Madonna’s husband, Jose Manual Perez. The prosecution argued that it was a case of murder, or premeditated killing, but Madonna’s lawyer claimed it was self-defense, citing that Perez had threatened her with a gun. In circumstances where the defendant has admitted to committing a crime, a competent criminal lawyer will examine the motive to determine if this is a case of self-defense. The trial was highly publicized, with many people following it through various news sources like The News & Observer. Madonna’s lawyer argued that the defendant should not be charged with murder due to her troubled past, proving that she has faulty decision-making skills.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Get Juvenile Justice By Hiring A Competent Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

Children ages 6-15 will find themselves in the system if a complaint of criminal behavior is reported or they have been arrested. Once a parent has been notified of any intake meetings or summoned to appear in the juvenile court it is wise to hire a Raleigh criminal lawyer. Having a lawyer present can mean the difference of a person serving time in a juvenile detention facility, in a training school or being ordered to perform community service.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Possible Outcomes of a DWI in North Carolina

A person who has been arrested and charged with a DWI for the first time may worry about the penalties they face. In North Carolina, the penalties will depend on the severity of the charge against them. There are six levels, ranging from level 5 (the lowest) to aggravated level 1 (A1, the highest level) , that dictate the potential penalties a person can face.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Equitable Distribution is One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Divorce

A good family attorney is needed for most divorces. Understanding what can happen during the proceedings will alleviate much of the fear and anxiety. One of the most important aspects of a divorce is the concept known as “equitable distribution.” Decisions about the assets and debts during separation and divorce need to be made. Although equitable means fair, equitable distribution does not always result in equal shares. This can create serious disagreements between couples during a divorce.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Arrested? How to Protect Yourself During This Difficult Time

If you have recently been arrested, there is a good chance that you are aware of your right to remain silent. Basically, this means that you don't have to talk to anyone about the things that have happened right now. If you were to say something about the things that you have done, they could be used against you in a courtroom. Obviously, this is something that should be avoided as much as possible. Before talking to the police about the things that have happened, set up an appointment with a Raleigh attorney. An attorney is going to do everything possible to make this situation a little easier.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Youngsters and Sexual Assault Laws

The public needs laws that will protect children from becoming the prey of pedophiles. However, the way sexual assault laws are structured in North Carolina, it's likely to involve young people who find themselves in inadvisable—albeit consensual—high school relationships. These youngsters could find themselves swept up in laws primarily intended for predatory adults.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Car Accident Injury Considerations

Traffic accidents have many possible causes, including driver error, intoxication, bad weather, distractions, road conditions, vehicle defects, etc. Most accident lawsuits involve two vehicles, with the driver or passenger from one of the vehicles claiming that the driver of the other vehicle is the one who caused the accident.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Raleigh Criminal Lawyer on the Indictment of Former SEANC Director

Early in August, the Wake County grand jury indicted the former director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC), Dana Cope, on two counts of obtaining property by false pretense. According to the article, Cope allegedly used the organization’s credit cards and submitted fake invoices to get checks which were used for a number of personal expenses such as home renovations, jewelry, plastic surgery, flying lessons, vacations, and others. Cope supposedly used SEANC’s credit cards to pay for expenses totaling $475,500.52 and checks amounting to $113,346.05. From the perspective of a skilled Raleigh criminal lawyer, Mr. Cope is facing serious accusations and even graver consequences.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Parents Can Be Liable for Negligent Teen Driving

In every car accident resulting to a personal injury case, it’s very important to establish who is liable for the unfortunate event. Most of the time, it’s the person behind the wheel, but the blame can also fall on someone else even if they were not present. For instance, parents of a teen whose negligence resulted in an accident can be liable for their child’s action. The question now is when can parents be sued for their child’s actions?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Advice for Successful Claim Negotiation

People who want to claim compensation for damage and losses they incurred will find that talking to the insurance company is no walk in the park. Insurance companies and adjusters alike would do anything to get you to settle for an amount lower than you deserve. The negotiation process is often a long ordeal and many people would settle early just to get it over with. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh or anywhere else can handle the negotiation for you so you can just focus on getting better. Here are some helpful tips for working with your attorney.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Raleigh DWI Lawyer Strongly Advises Minors to Never Drink and Drive

In the U.S., the average age for girls to have their first drink is 13. For boys, it’s 11. The appalling nature of these numbers is compounded by the fact that young people who drink tend to have no control over their alcohol consumption, much less their actions. As such, they become more vulnerable to serious alcohol-related traffic accidents. A Raleigh DWI lawyer sheds light on a recent incident that highlighted the risks of irresponsible consumption. A case of underage drinking in the Triangle 20-year-old Chandler Michael Kania, a student of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was charged with murder after driving the wrong way on the southbound lanes near the split of I-85 and Interstate 40 in Orange County and crashing into the car of Felecia Harris, 49, of Charlotte.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Avoid Legal Complications and Work only with a Licensed Raleigh Lawyer

Impersonating a lawyer is a crime. Nothing good comes of it, both for the unlicensed practitioner and the misled clients. Now’s a good time to discuss this topic as a recent spate of impersonation cases has seen individuals arrested and, in one particular case, hit with a hefty fine. A disbarred Raleigh lawyer who kept on practicing was arrested in a Columbus County court last July for impersonating another lawyer. News Observer reported that Nicholas Andrew Stratas, 57, was detained for a short time at the Columbus County Detention Center after he was arrested on a charge of criminal contempt. Stratas was slapped with a $300,000 fine. He was released after posting a bond.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Criminal Lawyer: Legal Help for Serious Felonies like Armed Robbery

A group of three armed men pulled a daring heist in Raleigh, NC’s Walnut Creek Amphitheater last month in broad daylight. According to an article from The News & Observer, the men made off with half a million dollars in cash moments after they made their way into the business office, pointing guns at the employees as they went. One of the alleged armed robbers, Adjani Jari Bryant, has already been apprehended by the police after an employee of the amphitheater reported the crime. Armed robbery is a serious felony and a person charged with such a crime will surely need legal representation from an experienced criminal lawyer.

Can You Be Charged with DWI when Alcohol is found in the Car?

Driving while impaired is a serious crime in all fifty states. You may be familiar with the acronym DWI or DUI (in North Carolina it is known as DWI) and the penalties that come with those charges. Getting slapped with a DWI charge is frightening. You will have to pay a hefty fine, it will show up on your records, your driver’s license may be suspended.Overall it will certainly affect your life. Sometimes, however, alcohol-related offenses in vehicles don’t always lead to a DWI charge. A criminal lawyer can help you get out of a sticky situation.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Personal Injury Lawyer: Filing a Wrongful Death Suit against Drag Racers

Drag races can sometimes claim innocent lives. Despite all the risks involved and the danger it poses to bystanders, illegal drag racing is still a common headline in the news. Just last month, an illegal drag race that took place outside of Raleigh in Johnston County resulted in the deaths of four people and severe injury to three others. According to The News & Observer article, John Pearce II, one of the drivers, has been charged with four counts of second-degree murder. However, in cases like these, loved ones of the deceased or the decedent can also file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party that caused the death. Unlike the criminal action, the civil lawsuit is a means by which one can seek to claim monetary compensation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DWI Lawyer Discusses the Consequences of Underage Drinking

Raleigh, NC residents Charles and Kimberly Matthews never expected their daughter’s wedding in the summer of last year to be followed by tragedy. They were simply enjoying the wedding reception at home with their friends and families. Unfortunately, a few underage guests got drunk during the party, and one of them—Jonathon Gregory Taylor, a friend of their teenaged son—crashed his car, ending his life. Investigators found that at the time of his death, Jonathan had a blood alcohol level of 0.20, two and a half times North Carolina’s minimum threshold for impairment of 0.08. The parents were charged with aiding and abetting underage consumption and possession of alcohol, while their son, Thomas, who was also 18, was charged with underage purchase of alcohol and giving alcohol to a minor.

Raleigh Lawyer Ponders the Fate of Offenders After Obama’s Visit to Prison

President Obama headed to the El Reno federal prison on July 16th as part of his two-day visit in Oklahoma—a historical move since it was the first time for any sitting president to visit a federal correctional facility. At the event, the President drew attention to many of the failings of the country’s current federal sentencing guidelines, which often puts non-violent offenders at risk for spending years incarcerated. As a criminal attorney in Raleigh, I am all too familiar with unwarranted sentences that simply do not fit the crime. Overcrowding: A Common Scenario in Prison The overcrowding of correctional facilities is evidence enough that many sentences for nonviolent offenders are excessive. President Obama seemed surprised to see that “three grown men” shared a standard 9-by-10-feet cell with just the bare amenities.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nursing Home Neglect and What to Do About It

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated two million people over the age of 65 are currently residents of nursing homes. Of these many become victims of neglect and abuse each year. If you have a loved one living in an assisted living center, you should recognize the early signs of neglect or abuse to put a stop to it and hold those at fault legally responsible.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What to Do When Asked to Take a Breathalyzer Test

The best defense against a DWI arrest is to never drink and drive in the first place. If you feel you’ve had one too many, be responsible and don’t drive yourself home. Instead, designate a driver if you’re with a group. If you’re alone, call a cab or an Uber car, or call and ask a friend to drive you home.

Monday, August 17, 2015

How Can a Criminal Attorney Help Your Case?

If you’ve been accused of a felony, you’ll need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side who will fight for your rights--especially if you are already on probation for another conviction. Even if the accusation against you is relatively minor, don’t hesitate to approach a criminal attorney for help. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Criminal Lawyer Share Why It’s Always a Bad Idea to Leave Your Car Running Unattended

It’s always a bad idea to leave your car running unattended. If you make this mistake, criminals can take advantage of the situation and try stealing your valuable property. Recently, this happened to a resident of Fayetteville, who just left her car running while buying something in a convenience store. Thankfully, the thief was arrested after the woman called her family members, who blocked the criminal’s path with another vehicle. The criminal, Jermaine Abdul Bean, was also a suspect in several other crimes. According to the news article from WRAL, Bean was charged with “two counts of larceny of a vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, hit-and-run and driving with a revoked license” for this incident and another on June 3, plus “felonious breaking and entering, felonious larceny and possession of stolen goods” for an incident on June 10.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Personal Injury Lawyer: Can You Sue for Training-Related Heat Stroke?

Even though the school year is over, many high school athletes continue to practice over the summer to stay in condition. Others train for competitions and athletic meets. This is pretty much the norm for many student athletes, but this summer’s weather conditions might be concerning. Recently, North Carolina has been going through a heat wave. While temperatures hitting the upper 90s and low 100s isn’t unheard of during summer, that doesn’t usually happen this early. Owing to this phenomenon, young people who training outdoors are at risk of getting dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke if they aren’t careful.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

About DWI Arrest Quotas in Raleigh and the Need for a Good DWI Lawyer

Police officers have been accused of having either formal or informal quotas regarding the number of DWI arrests they make. This notion has been widely rejected nationwide, North Carolina included. However, North Carolina does not have an anti-quota statute, and certain evidence suggest that such while DWI quotas may not actually exist in the state, there is still plenty of motivation to for police and defense attorneys to make arrests. A DWI Arrest Quota System in Wake County? In a recent letter sent by Aileen Pearlman to the Letters to the Editor section of the Mountain Xpress in Asheville, Pearlman shares her experience about being arrested (and convicted) for DWI despite any evidence.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Speaks Out Again on the Case of Darryl Howard

You may remember the case of Darryl Anthony Howard, a 53-year-old man from Durham County who was sentenced in 1995 of two counts of second-degree murder we highlighted in a blog post last year.

Howard was found guilty for the homicides of Doris and Nishonda Washington, a mother and daughter from Durham, in 1991, based on witness testimonies. Last year, however, new evidence was uncovered through more advanced DNA testing.

The Role of a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer in Workplace Injury Cases

Workplace injuries would be a lot more common if there weren’t well-thought-out safety regulations in place that are rigorously enforced by the government. However, safety standards aren’t set in stone – in order to be as effective as possible, they need to be reviewed regularly.

The State of North Carolina has a State Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health, composed of representatives from various labor sectors. Longtime NC Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry presides over the body, which is supposed to meet at least twice a year to discuss health and safety standards. This council has not met in at least five years.

Raleigh Lawyer Applauds Police Efforts to Enhance Safety on Craigslist

The downsides to using Craigslist are numerous. Any post you put up almost always guarantees a flood of spam emails to your Inbox. Scam listings abound, and criminals and sex traffickers use it to clandestinely promote their business or move stolen goods. Worst of all, people in some parts of the country have been murdered after engaging in a Craigslist transaction. Yet, many still continue to rely on the service, including Raleigh residents and students looking to offload used goods or to quickly acquire furniture and other items for the home. Operation Safe Sale To curb crimes related to the use of Craigslist and similar sites, the Wake Forest Police department launched Operation Safe Sale this past May. The program is part of a nationwide effort by police to ensure safe transactions between buyers and sellers on these sites.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Raleigh Law Firms Welcome Proposal to Require Body Cams for Officers

Coming soon to a theatre near you… Police Body Cams (cameras on the officer’s uniform). Two House Bills have been recently introduced related to the use of body cameras by police officers. The bills would fund law enforcement agencies a total of $10 million for the purchase of body cameras, subsidizing $1 for every $5 spent. If passed, the members of the State Highway Patrol and county police will be the first to be required to comply by January 1, 2016. Especially in light of the recent events in Baltimore, this is welcome news to those of us in pursuit of justice.

Monday, August 3, 2015

How Much Input Should You Contribute in a Criminal Case?

Defense in a criminal case is not the sole territory of your lawyer. He or she has to work in collaboration with you as the defendant. While your lawyer should have a solid legal foundation as well as more experience handling matters such as questioning potential jurors, cross examining witnesses and presenting evidence, , you also have a say. After all, it is your fate that’s on the line and your lawyer is simply acting as your advocate and representative. Just how much involvement should you have in your defense? Here is some key information to consider.

Strategy Meeting

The law dictates that your criminal lawyer consult with you before making important decisions. Your opinion about who to call as witnesses, how to cross-examine them, what arguments to make, what evidence to present, and which jurors to accept or strike should be considered. Let your lawyer know exactly what you think and listen to /her opinions.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Protect Evidence for Your Personal Injury Claim

Being involved in an accident can be nerve-wracking for anyone. If you are a victim in an accident and think you have a legitimate personal injury claim, it is important to preserve evidence that can strengthen your case. As soon as you are able, make sure to do the following:

1.    Document Your Injuries

Your injuries are perhaps the most important evidence in the case. Seek medical attention at once. Be sure to photograph the visible effects, such as cuts, swelling, bruises, bandages, and casts, before they heal completely. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

When Does DWI Become a Felony?

Most traffic offenses are considered misdemeanors. Unlike crimes like drug trafficking, sex offenses, or burglary, which are given relatively longer imprisonment terms and heavy fines, misdemeanors have substantially less severe penalties. However, there are cases when a traffic offense, like DWI, can be charged as a felony.

How many past convictions have you had?
Previous DWI convictions can make a new DWI charge much more serious. In North Carolina, if you are charged with DWI and you’ve previously been convicted of DWI three or more times in the past 7 years, you will likely be charged with felony DWI. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

What to Do Right After a Car Accident

If you get into a car accident, what do you do? Who do you call? Do you check your injuries and property damage first? If you’re injured and once your injuries have been treated, who will you attempt to talk with first: the other driver, the police, insurance representatives, or a lawyer?

Sort out safety issues.

Do not leave the scene, for you may be accused of a hit-and-run. Ensure your safety and the safety of others (e.g. your passengers or pedestrians, if any). Call the paramedics, and get proper medical care, especially if you were severely injured, but also when there are no apparent injuries, to stay on the safe side.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Explains Open Container Laws in North Carolina

Have you been cited for an infraction under the open container laws of North Carolina? Make sure you talk to a practiced Raleigh criminal lawyer who can help you better understand these laws, the guidelines (and exclusions), and exceptions. The laws of the state are quite specific, but there may be complicated technicalities that you (and any normal person) may not fully understand. Even if you have not been cited, you should endeavor to know what the law actual says about transporting an open container in the state of North Carolina so you don’t find yourself in trouble in the future.

Monday, July 6, 2015

How Body Cam Footage May Help in Criminal Trials

Videos or surveillance footage can confirm a crime and help trials go more swiftly. However, they can also make the proceedings more complicated because of issues that could arise, such as tampering with the video, concealment or destruction of the footage, and admissibility of the evidence. When it comes to traffic crimes like DWI, footage taken from CCTV systems along highways or roads and from police dashboard cameras is usually considered key evidence.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Talks About Recent Train Accidents

There seems to be plenty of accidents involving trains recently. Last March in North Carolina, an Amtrak train crashed into a tractor-trailer that was stuck in the railroad crossing tracks. The truck driver was trying to make a left-hand turn onto a Halifax highway but failed to navigate the crossing. He was also unable to back away from the tracks since other cars have already stopped behind him. When the driver saw the approaching train, he abandoned the truck to save his life, but several Amtrak passengers got caught in the collision and suffered injuries. More than 53 passengers were injured in total, and investigation is still ongoing to determine if the train went above the authorized speed. An experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer can discuss more about these types of accidents and the possible cases or legal issues that could arise.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Raleigh DWI Attorney Talks About Implied Consent in North Carolina

In North Carolina, if you’re driving then if charged with certain offenses you’ve given the state your “implied consent” to submit to a chemical test to check for the presence of alcohol in your system. You probably would not be surprised to learn that such an offense is known as an “implied-consent offense.” Ah yes, Big Brother at its best. The implied consent law (GS 20-16.2) makes it “easier” for law enforcement officials to require drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated (DWI) to submit to a chemical test to determine their blood alcohol content (BAC).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Raleigh, NC Attorney Can Help You Fight an Underage Drinking Ticket

North Carolina’s underage drinking laws are clear: You must be 21 or older to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic drinks. College students tend to put themselves at risk the most, so we’ve compiles a short lesson on what students need to know about the drinking alcohol and the laws in North Carolina so they are better prepared if confronted by campus security or law enforcement.

Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Handle Workplace Injury Video Evidence

If you’re planning to file a lawsuit against your employer whose negligence, you believe, was instrumental to the injury you sustained at work, you need to immediately start collecting evidence that would help your case. It is best to consult a personal injury lawyer on the possible sources of evidence, such as incident reports, your medical records, and photos of the workplace area where the accident happened.
If you think there is available video footage of the accident, be cautious in obtaining this, and make sure that you act under the guidance of your lawyer. The surveillance footage could either be favorable to your legal complaint (i.e., it clearly shows employer negligence), or be used against your case by the defense team. 

Requesting for the Footage
You must follow due process when requesting for videos from your employer or your employer’s surveillance company. Make sure you get raw footage. The defense must also follow the appropriate guidelines in keeping, distributing, or disposing of the video. When the evidence is illegally obtained, it would be inadmissible in court. There could also be legal implications if the evidence is altered, concealed, or inappropriately destroyed.

Going Through the Video
You and your lawyer, with the aid of video experts or even medical experts, can review the video to prepare your case and perhaps prepare your counterarguments should the defense team dispute your claims.