Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Filing an Appeal: What to Expect

After a conviction and sentencing, a criminal defendant has the right to file an appeal, especially when the verdict and sentence are the results of a trial. Defendants who plead guilty should first seek permission to appeal the conviction. Here’s what you can expect from an appeals process. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Understanding Legal Malpractice

Legal malpractice may not involve physical harm, but it’s still a form of personal injury. You’ve been harmed, often emotional and sometimes financially, as a result of poor advice from a lawyer, whom you expected to help out with your legal issues. Three things can happen here: you lose your money, you lose your case or both.

Your situation with a lawyer that failed you might not be as uncommon as you think. Here are the most common malpractice claims based on data gathered by the American Bar Association.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is It Still DWI if You Took a Prescribed Drug?

Is it still considered driving while impaired (DWI) if you took a prescribed drug? In the State of North Carolina (and several other states), the answer is yes. Driving under the influence of prescription drugs can have the same possible impairments brought by alcohol or other illegal substances, which means that if your medication affected your driving skills, you could be charged with DWI.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Enlightens Victims on Car Accident Laws

When you’re harmed in a car accident, you might be so shaken up that you’re unsure of what to do. One thing that might not cross your mind, particularly if you’re concerned about your health or that of your passengers, are the laws apply to a car accident. These laws can be crucial to what steps to take after your accident and what options you have. An experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer can enlighten you on North Carolina’s car accident laws and their implications for victims, especially if you’re considering filing a lawsuit.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Criminal Lawyer in Raleigh Mounts Aggressive Defense in Larceny Cases

On March 2, a real-life heist happened along I-95. Two armed security guards working for Transvalue Inc. in Miami were transporting a shipment of silver and gold to Massachusetts. While on the Interstate, their vehicle started encountering mechanical problems, which prompted them to pull over at mile marker 114. While stopped, their vehicle was approached by three heavily armed men in a white van. The men ordered the guards to lie on the ground, tied their hands, marched them to the nearby woods, and left them there. Investigators say that the men then proceeded to take three barrels of gold worth $4 million.

Car Accident Compensation: What to Expect

If you have been a victim of an auto accident in Raleigh, where can you turn for compensation? Even if you sustained only minor injuries or emotional distress, can you still seek remuneration?

Getting Hit by One or More Cars

Generally, under the laws of the State of North Carolina, if you get hit by a car or get caught in collision of two or more vehicles, you can seek compensation from the at-fault driver. You may be able to claim payments for your medical expenses and rehabilitation, property losses, and other economic or non-economic damages, including loss of wages and emotional distress arising from the accident. You can submit a claim directly to the liable driver’s insurance or from your own, which will reimburse it from the other carrier. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Raleigh DWI Lawyer: North Carolina DWI Laws Are About to Get Tougher

"North Carolina’s DWI laws are notably among the toughest in the nation. The Tar Heel State may be a tobacco-friendly state, but when it comes to drinking and driving, your actions may land you in a whole lot of legal trouble and in need of the services of a smart Raleigh DWI attorney. Things are only bound to get tougher for DWI offenders. The North Carolina State House recently OK’d two new laws that would impose harsher penalties for those who choose to drive while impaired. House Bill 32 In North Carolina, four DWI offenses in 10 years constitute a Class F felony, punishable by a mandatory one year prison sentence, which cannot be suspended. House Bill 32 aims to raise that threshold to three years. After an offender’s license is reinstated, he or she must undergo alcohol counselling, and will require an ignition interlock—which is designed to prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking—be installed in his or her vehicle.

Friday, April 17, 2015

How a Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Murder Defense

Murders are obviously more common in cities, but one particular murder trial has been catching attention in Raleigh because of the fairly sordid details. On April 22, 2013, a man named Jonathan Broyhill viciously attacked his two friends and ended up killing one of them (Jamie Hahn) and seriously injuring the other (Nation Hahn). Broyhill is now facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and assault (with the intent to kill). Details of the Crime Jamie Hahn was a Democratic strategist who had confronted Broyhill about allegedly embezzling campaign funds. Nation, the surviving friend and the husband of the decedent, was at home during the incident. While he was upstairs and his wife and Broyhill were talking downstairs, he heard his wife scream, rushed to her, and saw Jamie bloodied in the kitchen floor. Broyhill was holding an 8-inch knife over her and then attacked Nation.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse encompasses mistreatment of seniors in various ways, including neglect and intentional physical harms. Several cases of nursing home negligence, for instance, can result in the elderly’s injuries or even death. Some verbal abuse could also impair the mental health of a senior, but the condition may be unknowingly viewed by others as just a natural part of aging or disease progression. For example, signs of trauma from verbal abuse may be explained away as effects of dementia. In cases like these, the legal implications of the case and the elderly’s rights may not be fully appreciated and upheld.