Monday, April 6, 2015

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse encompasses mistreatment of seniors in various ways, including neglect and intentional physical harms. Several cases of nursing home negligence, for instance, can result in the elderly’s injuries or even death. Some verbal abuse could also impair the mental health of a senior, but the condition may be unknowingly viewed by others as just a natural part of aging or disease progression. For example, signs of trauma from verbal abuse may be explained away as effects of dementia. In cases like these, the legal implications of the case and the elderly’s rights may not be fully appreciated and upheld.

When you observe any sign of physical or psychological abuse in an elderly loved one, consult an experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer. The “accidents” experienced by a senior parent in a nursing home or assisted living facility may have been due to negligence. A personal injury lawyer can help determine if there is a legal case in such matters. 

A legal professional can also help identify who may be held responsible for an elderly’s injuries or pain, and, if warranted, will assist in getting justice in court for those affected. In a civil suit, the lawyer can help the abused elderly and/or his/her family get due compensation for the ordeal they suffered. While monetary awards may not be enough, they can help satisfy the financial burdens that acts of abuse can bring, such as medical and funeral bills.

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