Thursday, March 30, 2017

Raleigh Drug Defense Attorney Shares Insights into Obama's Grant of Early Release to NC Man for Low-level Drug Possession Conviction

Just before Barack Obama officially ended his term as President, he signed the commutation or reduction of sentences for hundreds of convicts for non-violent drug offenses. This final act of his Presidency brings the total of reduced sentences to 1,385. For families and their loved ones, this act means finally being reunited with the those convicted for non-violent criminal offenses. For those convicted, this means a brand new lease in life.

A Lucky Break

One of those lucky enough to have been granted early release is Raymond Surrat, a North Carolina man given a mandatory life sentence for a non-violent drug offense. According to the judge who handed out the sentence, he had “no choice” but to sentence Surrat because of his previous drug convictions. His involvement in a cocaine-distribution conspiracy had a recommended maximum penalty of about 20 years. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney Shares Insights on an Inmate Seeking New Appeal

Do you remember the book Fatal Vision?

Well, it was true crime novel by Joe McGinnis detailing the case of Captain Jeffrey R. MacDonald, a former Army surgeon, who was found guilty of killing his wife and two children and is now serving three life sentences in Cumberland, Maryland.

MacDonald has always insisted that he is innocent. After years of failed appeals, MacDonald now claims he has new evidence that proves he is not the killer.
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