Monday, March 2, 2015

Seeking Damages for Bicycle Accident Injuries

A bicycle rider’s greatest fear is a serious collision with an automobile. When the two collide, it’s almost always the bicycle rider who is at a disadvantage. This is why government agencies are constantly looking for ways to make the streets safer for bicycles and their riders.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for an automobile and a bicycle to collide. Such an incident is usually the result of somebody’s negligence—the driver’s, the cyclist’s, or both. If the car driver is the negligent party, the cyclist has legal right to be compensated for any injury he sustains. If the driver feels otherwise, the cyclist will need the help of a personal injury lawyer.

In many cases, negotiations with insurance companies boil down to which party was negligent, and to what degree. If the car driver’s insurance company accepts their client’s negligence and agrees to the amount of compensation asked for, then the case is settled. However, if the insurance company and the aggrieved party cannot reach an agreement, then the latter needs to prove that the car driver was negligent so he can recover compensation for his injuries.

The threat of a lawsuit is why most injury cases are settled out of court. However, because accident issues, particularly those involving bicycles, can be complex, a cyclist who sustains anything more than very minor injuries should always consult a personal injury lawyer before he negotiates with an automobile driver or his insurance company.

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