Monday, March 23, 2015

Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Says Stealing While Wearing a GPS Device is a Bad Idea

The main purposes of parole are to protect the safety of the citizens and to ensure that the offender is ready to go back to the community. During the process, the offender will be released from prison with some parole conditions after serving most of his sentence, and will continue it by reintegrating back to the community. He/she will still be supervised during the release to check if the parole conditions are being met as best as the offender could. Sometimes, a tracking device may be attached to the offender to better monitor his/her activities. GPS systems that are worn on the offender’s ankle are commonly used. This is usually done for high-risk offenders or those with serious criminal histories. Some offenders may also be prohibited from going to certain places, especially when they might repeat their crime/s in those areas.

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