Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Fleeing a Car Accident Scene Isn’t Advisable

After a major car accident, all the individuals involved have the duty to remain at the scene and wait until medical professionals and police authorities arrive. They also have to stay there until they give their testimonies to the police so a report can be duly filed.

Unfortunately, some people, as an initial reaction, choose to flee the scene. In North Carolina, doing so will be subject to a Class 1 misdemeanor charge. They will likely face fines (as much as the court deems appropriate) and ordered to serve up to 120 days in jail. That’s only the beginning, though. While fleeing the accident scene seem like a small-time offense, it could bring terrible consequences later on.

First, people with misdemeanor conviction on their records are likely to find it challenging to land their dream job. This is because it’s more common these days for companies to do criminal background checks on job candidates. Second, a misdemeanor conviction may also affect the process of applying for professional licenses.

For instance, anyone applying for state licensure with the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board is required to submit a notarized form where they have to fill out a personal background questionnaire that contains the question, “Have you in the past ten (10) years been convicted of a misdemeanor?”

For this reason, anyone who fled an accident scene should ensure they have a qualified criminal lawyer to defend them so they can avoid a misdemeanor conviction.

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