Monday, August 11, 2014

By the Numbers: Speeding in North Carolina

A 2013 study reveals that North Carolina law enforcement officials issue one traffic citation each minute. In addition, it would appear that roughly 8 out of 10 involve speeding. Finally, according to that same study, Wake County issued the largest number of citations, comprising nearly 9%.

But what is the cost of getting a speeding ticket? While a simple speeding ticket will not likely land you in jail, the hefty fees associated with a speeding ticket can still be quite burdensome. In fact, it's not just the fines you should worry about. Insurance companies are also likely to raise your rates.

North Carolina, overall, is among the top ten ticket-happy states in the country and also has some of the steepest fines in the U.S. While not as high as Illinois or Virginia where speeding fines might be over $1000 under certain circumstances, it isn’t unheard for North Carolina's speeding fines to run a few hundred dollars, depending on the location and speed at the time of the offense.

There's only one way to avoid getting a speeding ticket, and that is to stay within the speed limits which obviously vary by location. It really pays to be mindful the speed limit whether you are traveling on a major highway or through a local neighborhood.

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