Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Deal with a Car Accident

Driving in busy expressways like the Interstate 540 can be tricky, especially during the late afternoon rush hour. You may be running late to pick up your kids from their soccer practice or a movie date with your romantic partner and boom! Next thing you know, you’ve rear-ended the vehicle in front of you whose driver, like you, is running late for something.

The first thing to remember when involved in a collision—no matter how minor it may seem—is to seek medical attention for both you and the other people involved in the accident. Thus, as soon as you can, pull over to a safe spot and dial 911 or any medical rescue team you know of assigned to your area. While waiting for medical professionals to arrive, you and the other drivers can exchange insurance and contact information.

At this point, it’s critical to refrain from making apologies or anything similar like, “I should have looked at the road more attentively.” Any statement of such nature can be considered as you admitting fault in the accident, which can be used against you when you seek compensation from the insurance provider. At this stage, it’s best to file for a personal injury claim with the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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