Friday, May 12, 2017

Raleigh Family Attorney Notes that Divorce or Separation Doesn't Have to be Uncivil

If you’re planning to get divorced, you’re probably worried about how your decision will affect your children. Though you may not love your spouse anymore, you probably do not want your kids to think bad of them. Still, organizing schedules, dividing up holidays and shuffling kids between alternating parental visits isn’t going to be easy. That said, shared custody with your future ex-spouse can work when both of you are respectful, cooperative and manage your emotions.

A Case Study: Bruce Dyson’s divorced parents try to make custody work

Divorced parents Adam Dyson and Victoria Baldwin decided to set aside their personal differences and work together to ensure that their son, Bruce Dyson, is able to adjust to family changes. They do so by continuing to take family portraits every year.

If you want to make co-parenting work with your ex, here are some strategies suggest by an experienced Raleigh family law attorney.Read more from this blog.

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