Friday, May 5, 2017

Raleigh Drug Attorney Questions the Outrageous Bond Given to a Low Level Drug Offender

The decision of the District Attorney’s office to add or “trump-up” charges in this type of criminal case filing is likely designed to coerce a plea bargain. If the arrested individual is charged with multiple crimes, the odds are substantially greater that the individual will plead guilty to one or more of the crimes to avoid a potentially lengthy sentence. Prosecutors are able to avoid a lengthy and costly trial.

In the process, the accused may believe he or she is getting a ‘good deal’ due to his or her lack of knowledge of court proceedings.

If you are charged with a drug felony, remember that you cannot trust the District Attorney, or anyone on the side of law enforcement to look out for your best interest. They will use your lack of knowledge about the law against you.

Whether you are facing excessive charges or are completely innocent of the charges filed, a knowledgeable drug lawyer with Kurtz & Blum can help protect your rights and will aggressively fight for your freedom. Read more on this article.

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