Monday, February 8, 2016

The Importance of Honesty in Criminal Cases

There are few things worse in life than being arrested for a crime. However, after you have been taken into custody and gone through the booking process, your next step should be to hire a defense attorney. Once you have an attorney, it is your responsibility to be as open and honest with that person as possible.

Your attorney can only help you if he or she understands all of the facts in the case. Even if you think that something you reveal will incriminate you, your attorney needs to know. Nothing you tell your attorney will be revealed to anyone else, so you don't increase your risk of losing your case by providing as many details as possible to your attorney.

For instance, if you were taken into custody for DUI, and you were drinking before getting in the car, you shouldn't hide that fact. However, by revealing how many drinks you had and when you had your last drink, your attorney may be able to show that you weren't impaired when you were behind the wheel. It may also be possible to show that you had a medical condition that exacerbated your symptoms based on the facts that you provide.

No matter what you say or do, your attorney is on your side. Therefore, it is critical that you open up and develop a relationship with your legal counsel. This will help build a rapport that could make it easier to resolve your case favorably.

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