Monday, February 29, 2016

Duties and Responsibilities of a Family Attorney

When folks hear the term “family attorney”, most people think divorce or divorce-related issues, such as child custody, child support or alimony. Although most family attorneys do handle divorce and separation cases, people often forget that they can also be consulted for a wide variety of other family-related issues as well.

One very good reason to call a family attorney is if you are planning to adopt a child. As an individual or as a couple, you will need to sign a lot of papers, agree to numerous terms and conditions, and make some demands of your own to legally protect you and the child. All of this will have to be done for you by an experienced family lawyer if you want to minimize the risks.

If you are employing the services of a surrogate mother or a sperm donor, you should also consult a family lawyer to represent you. He or she will make sure that all of the documents giving you full custody of the baby appropriately.

In paternity cases, determining a child’s paternity can be a long and tiring battle. The process is complex and a competent attorney is best to ensure that both parents are treated fairly. A family lawyer understands these things best and can find the most suitable options for you.

Suffice it to say that family lawyers aren’t limited to divorce, alimony, separation, and child custody cases. Whether you are growing a family or restructuring an old relationship, the experienced family law attorneys at Kurtz & Blum can help.

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