Saturday, November 28, 2015

Murder or Self-Defense? A Raleigh Criminal lawyer thinks we should wait before making any judgments

When Joanna Roberta Madonna was tried in Wake County in September, she admitted that she was the one who killed her husband. The crime allegedly happened in June 14, 2013 and resulted in the death of Madonna’s husband, Jose Manual Perez. The prosecution argued that it was a case of murder, or premeditated killing, but Madonna’s lawyer claimed it was self-defense, citing that Perez had threatened her with a gun. In circumstances where the defendant has admitted to committing a crime, a competent criminal lawyer will examine the motive to determine if this is a case of self-defense. The trial was highly publicized, with many people following it through various news sources like The News & Observer. Madonna’s lawyer argued that the defendant should not be charged with murder due to her troubled past, proving that she has faulty decision-making skills.

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