Thursday, November 26, 2015

Get Juvenile Justice By Hiring A Competent Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

Children ages 6-15 will find themselves in the system if a complaint of criminal behavior is reported or they have been arrested. Once a parent has been notified of any intake meetings or summoned to appear in the juvenile court it is wise to hire a Raleigh criminal lawyer. Having a lawyer present can mean the difference of a person serving time in a juvenile detention facility, in a training school or being ordered to perform community service.
The Juvenile Justice Department works hard to place at-risk youth in the appropriate programs to help rehabilitate them or to protect them from others who are contributing to their criminal behavior. Hiring a lawyer can help ensure a juvenile is placed into the right program given their circumstances. Some programs are designed to take these children out of an abusive environment and placed them in facilities where they will receive the care they need. Intake specialists will perform an interview with both the parent and child to help determine what type of support they may need. Hiring an experienced juvenile criminal lawyer will make sure that both the parents and child understand their rights.

In more severe cases where criminal activity has been proven, and a court appearance is warranted the guidance of a criminal lawyer is especially recommended. A criminal defense attorney can effectively argue the case before the courts and seek the appropriate outcome for their clients. Many states see the benefit of rehabilitating young children and only find placement in detention centers for more violent behaviors and activities in younger people.

Kurtz & Blum represents juveniles charged with minor and serious criminal crimes. We are experienced in defending our clients and work to achieve the best possible outcome for each case. More information can be found on our website at

Don't hire just any juvenile lawyer, go with an attorney who knows what it takes to defend their client’s rights.

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