Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Need for a Criminal Attorney

Unlike civil lawyers who deal with private law suits between two or more entities, a criminal attorney represents clients who are being charged by the state or federal government for a crime. In civil law the suit is initiated a party who feels that they have been harmed.

A criminal suit, on the other hand, is initiated through a prosecuting attorney on behalf of the state. Prosecutors in a criminal case need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty of a crime, whereas plaintiffs in a civil law suit only need to prove a defendant is responsible for the complaint by a preponderance of the evidence.

A guilty verdict in a criminal charge may result in the loss of freedom so, if you’re facing a criminal charge, speaking with a qualified criminal lawyer as soon as possible could lead to better results.

Because most people lack knowledge concerning state or federal laws, it is best to be proactive. You should only seek answers to questions about your legal rights from a criminal defense attorney.

Many criminal cases don’t proceed to trial. If the evidence against you is compelling, your criminal lawyer may suggest that you strike a plea bargain. If not, then a competent lawyer will work very hard to have your case dismissed.

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