Monday, February 16, 2015

Are You Entitled to Only One Phone Call in Jail?

In TV shows, you often see people who are arrested being told that they are entitled to one phone call. In real life, the arrested do get one—or more, depending on the place or the circumstances of the arrest.

In fact, you could make as many phone calls as you want, if the arresting officers are convinced these calls are necessary to inform friends, relatives, employers, or others about your situation; and that these calls will not be used to help you conceal evidence. In North Carolina, however, the law doesn’t even explicitly say you have the right to make any phone calls at all. You do, however, have the right to an attorney, and if you need to make a phone call to get one, you may be allowed to do so.
Having a lawyer present is very important before you talk to the police. Don’t think that explaining things will clear you of any accusations. The police are skilled at interrogations; after all, their job to solve crimes, which involves getting vital information from suspects. You might have also heard on TV shows how anything you say can be used against you. Make no mistake--that is true in most situations. To avoid saying anything that could put you in deeper waters, wait until your lawyer is present.

Police interrogations aren't like run-of-the-mill job interviews. One mistake can have serious repercussions that could be hard to undo. So if you find yourself in a legal bind, request to make that phone call first to a lawyer you can trust.

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