Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Understanding Criminal Law in North Carolina

No one wants to be the victim of a crime. No one wants to be accused of committing one, either.
It is for this reason that you must stand up for yourself if you find yourself accused of a crime. The trial process will not only be long and hard, but people’s opinion of you will also change as it goes on. Due to the complexities of criminal law and court proceedings, it pays to know about the process of criminal law in your area.
In North Carolina, there are more than 400 laws that criminalize specific actions. These cases are usually handled in District and Superior Courts. Felonies, or crimes that can be penalized by a jail sentence of one year or more, are usually heard in Superior Courts, while misdemeanor offenses are usually heard in District Courts.

As a person incriminated by law, you will have rights of your own. The police must have a clear and valid reason for arresting you before you allow them to take you away. You must also have a proper understanding of your Miranda rights. It is also possible to pay bail as long as you aren’t charged with murder. Whatever accusation you are facing, it is wise to consult with your lawyer carefully before making your next move. Representation by qualified legal counsel can make your journey through the criminal justice system less hazardous. 

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