Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Understanding Contributory Negligence in Raleigh

The roundabout at the North Carolina University Bell Tower in Raleigh is known state-wide as the common site of vehicular accidents. The area has since been improved, but accidents can still occur. If a person met an auto accident due to another driver's unfamiliarity with the area, the victim has the right to obtain compensation to recover from injuries or emotional distress brought by the accident.

In North Carolina, however, getting due compensation is not as easy as in other states. NC is one of the few states where the Pure Contributory Negligence Rule is recognized. Under this rule, the victim of a car accident is not entitled to compensation should he or she be discovered to have contributed to the accident—even by a mere 1 percent! It will, then, be to the victim’s benefit to hire a Raleigh lawyer who can establish the other driver’s full accountability for the accident.

The team of lawyers the other driver will hire will likely do everything in their power to involve the victim in the accident, to help their client escape blame. For example, they may insist that the victim didn't make the proper turn signal or was driving too close to their client’s vehicle.

Fortunately, a qualified lawyer can help prove that the victim had no hand in the accident by gathering evidence from witness testimonies and medical reports.

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