Sunday, October 20, 2013

Claiming Injury from Defective Products

 One of the most common lawsuits filed in North Carolina courts involve the issue of personal injury. One of the reasons for its popularity lies on the fact that as a term, personal injury is extremely broad—encompassing issues such as road accidents, accidents at work or at home, assault claims, as well as accidents caused by product defects.

While product liability issues appear less often than other types of personal injury claims, they are probably the most publicized in media. This is due mainly to the fact that claims of this nature usually involve a big company that has widely distributed an allegedly defective product that people claim to have been hurt by. 

One of the reasons why many companies announce product recalls publicly is because federal law compels them to do so. To protect the safety of consumers, the federal government has even put up a website—www.—where six different agencies work together to update the general public on any product recalls.

The website aims to inform consumers about potentially dangerous products so that they may be able to discern better which product to purchase and use. After all, even the most innocuous-looking toy can inflict personal injury to an unsuspecting child. In 2007 alone, train model Thomas and Friends railway toys and the iconic Easy Bake Ovens were both recalled—the former, for containing excessive amounts of lead paint and the latter, for its potential to become a fire or burn hazard.

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