Thursday, September 12, 2013

Racism and Justice: Get a Raleigh Criminal Lawyer to Guide You

The repeal of the four-year old Racial Justice Act created too many speculations and controversies for death-row inmates and their families. In times like these, the help of a trusted Raleigh criminal lawyer can clarify their situation. The Racial Justice Act aims to correct racially-biased sentences and is not about doing away with death penalty. Death-row inmates must prove that they have biased sentences to reduce their penalties to life sentence. It can be a good news to the inmates, but they need to gather concrete evidences and statements to strengthen their defense. The act is still uncertain for the death-row inmates of North Carolina. Nevertheless, it gives them the opportunity to rectify the mistakes done to them. To increase their chances of doing so, they have to get a tried and tested criminal lawyer who will strengthen their evidences and statements.

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