Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prove Your Innocence With A Raleigh DWI Lawyer

Proving your innocence against a DWI accusation is kinda hard. You must have a time-tested Raleigh DWI lawyer by your side to help you. This was shown by New Bern Mayor Lee W. Bettis Jr. when he was arrested and charged earlier in May. He was reported by a motorist due to swerving back and forth onto the road as he maneuvered his Chevrolet van. His breathalyzer result was 0.00, but it didn't clear the mayor's charge, failing in subsequent tests. He was charged with failure to obey highway markings, and failure to maintain lane control. Some drivers think that passing the breathalyzer test can get them off the hook. However. there are other tests that the authorities can administer, just to make sure. As the test and the hearing proceed, getting an experienced lawyer, like Kurtz and Blum, is a big must to represent you in court. You better get your attorney as soon as possible. Free yourself from the agony of being convicted of a DWI. Consult your local attorneys, now.

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