Thursday, July 13, 2017

Foster Parents and Adoption—A Great Opportunity According to This Raleigh Family Attorney

In California, a 32-year-old woman woke up one day to find that she had become the mother of five little girls. No, they did not appear out of nowhere, and no, it did not necessarily happen overnight. The case of Lacey Dunkin is an admirable one because she took a chance by accepting the responsibility for taking care of these children that truly needed the love and devotion of a new mother.

Lacey’s Story

It started out as a desire to have children of her own without requiring the benefit of marriage. Upon the suggestion of her own mother, she looked into the option of foster care, and became certified in 2011. It wasn’t a matter of simply volunteering for the job, though. There was training and a home study course that she had to pass before she could become certified for foster care. Read more from this blog.

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