Monday, March 21, 2016

Violating Your Probation is No Laughing Matter, Says Raleigh Lawyers

Earlier this year, the so-called “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch faced deportation charges after being caught with his mother in Mexico in December. The 18-year-old Couch was serving a term of probation after being involved in a drunk-driving incident that killed four people in 2013. Couch’s drunk-driving case drew national attention after an expert argued that the teenager had been lulled into a sense of irresponsibility by his wealthy parents. A decision from a juvenile court judge gave Couch a 10-year probation period, and Couch recently fled with his mother to Mexico after a viral video surfaced with potentially incriminating content. Authorities said that the teenager even tried to disguise himself to avoid being apprehended. After dropping the fight against his extradition, Couch returned to Texas and is now in the Tarrant County Jail’s maximum-security unit.

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