Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Raleigh DWI Lawyer Supports the “Talk it Out” Campaign Sponsored by the ABC Commission

It has been a few months since a 20-year-old former UNC student, Chandler Kania, faced charges of 2nd degree murder after a head-on collision on I-85, but the fight against underage drinking goes on. A statewide campaign, led by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission which is supported by this DWI lawyer, continues to discourage alcohol consumption of people under the legal drinking age of 21. The July 19 incident was just one that gravely illustrates the severe repercussions of drunk driving. Stiff Penalties To show that the commission is serious on its call against drunk driving and underage drinking, the ABC staff proposed a stiffer penalty for the West Rosemary Street restaurant, La Residence, the bar that allegedly served alcohol to the underage customers involved in the July 19 incident. According to investigators, Kania and four other underage customers used fake IDs to enter the restaurant’s bars.

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