Thursday, December 17, 2015

Questions for a DWI Attorney

If you have been charged with DWI, then the assistance of an attorney might be needed in court. Proper legal representation can help reduce the charges and its resulting penalties. There are a few things that you want to look for when you begin looking for an attorney to ensure that you will find the best representation possible.
Most attorneys who represent DWI clients will meet with you for a brief time before going to court in order to get an idea of what took place when you were charged. This can give the attorney an idea as to how to proceed with the case and what kind of evidence should be requested. Find out about the background of the attorney. Are DWI charges a prominent field, or is this a subset of other specialties that are offered by the attorney?

Look at your attorney’s professional experience in the county where you live and how the attorney deals with other cases of a similar nature. You should also ask about how the attorney communicates with the judges and prosecutors as some have a better relationship than others. This can help with your case in that a plea bargain might be easier to reach if the attorney works well with others in the court system. Find out what the attorney thinks about your options and any possible punishments that you might be facing even with the help of an attorney.

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