Monday, August 10, 2015

Raleigh Lawyer Applauds Police Efforts to Enhance Safety on Craigslist

The downsides to using Craigslist are numerous. Any post you put up almost always guarantees a flood of spam emails to your Inbox. Scam listings abound, and criminals and sex traffickers use it to clandestinely promote their business or move stolen goods. Worst of all, people in some parts of the country have been murdered after engaging in a Craigslist transaction. Yet, many still continue to rely on the service, including Raleigh residents and students looking to offload used goods or to quickly acquire furniture and other items for the home. Operation Safe Sale To curb crimes related to the use of Craigslist and similar sites, the Wake Forest Police department launched Operation Safe Sale this past May. The program is part of a nationwide effort by police to ensure safe transactions between buyers and sellers on these sites.

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