Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dealing with a Drug Possession Charge in NC

Even with the number of celebrities who have famously succumbed to heroin overdose (one of the recent ones was acclaimed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman), the use of this illicit drug still holds a certain lure for some people, and is in fact of the rise in the U.S.

Being caught in possession of heroin could lead to dire consequences in Raleigh, NC.  By state rules, those convicted of such a crime will have a Class I felony in their records. In addition, they can spend anywhere from three to 12 months in jail. A judge can also order them to pay exorbitant fines.

Those arrested for heroin possession have the chance to have the penalties reduced if they enlist the services of a skilled criminal lawyer. Criminal attorneys can use a number of defenses to argue against a heroin possession charge.

One such strategy is to assert lack of power or intent to control. For instance, the person who was arrested and charged offered a co-worker a ride to a colleague’s retirement party at a posh venue. On the way there, the co-worker asks to stop at a friend’s house. Unbeknown to the driver, the co-worker actually intended to pick up his or her usual heroin supply.

This strategy, however, will only work if, in this case, the driver could prove he or she had no knowledge of the co-worker’s plans of stopping to pick up illegal drugs. An experienced criminal defense team can gather pieces of evidence to confirm this scenario, such as testimonies of witnesses.

The law firm of Kurtz & Blum vigorously defends their client's rights in drug cases.  To contact a knowledgeable and experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer who truly knows the law please call 919-832-7700.

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