Monday, June 16, 2014

Dealing with a Car Accident Properly

Being involved in a car accident can mean sustaining one or more injuries, some more serious than others. For instance, a driver who is hit in the rear by another will likely sustain a neck injury in the form of a neck strain or whiplash.

As a kid, you were probably taught that whenever you hurt someone, you should say sorry. In a car accident, it’s best to forget this lesson, however. This does not mean you are turning your back on being morally upright; it simply means you are protecting your legal rights while investigation is ongoing.

In any car accident, downright admission of fault can result in negative consequences. Even when the other party is hounding you and screaming at you to carry the blame, avoid preempting the investigation. If you admit blame, this will likely be used against you once the other party files for a car accident insurance claim. Remember, even a slight admission like, “I should have looked more carefully…” can be misconstrued as admission of guilt.

As such, it’s best to remain civil and keep quiet after an accident. Let police authorities and insurance adjusters determine exactly who’s to blame for the accident. Exchange insurance information with the other driver and truthfully answer the questions asked by the police officers, but do no more than these. For your benefit, hire a personal injury lawyer who can help fight for your legal rights in such cases.

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