Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Consequences of DWI Convictions

Being convicted of a driving while impaired (DWI) crime not only tarnishes a person’s reputation but also takes a toll on one’s finances. A convicted DWI offender faces significant expenses related to different aspects. Here are two notable ways how DWI convictions can become costly:

Pricey Fines

Aside from jail time, DWI convictions may entail considerable fines that can reach up to the maximum of $10,000. Prior DWI offenses and other aggravating factors, such as speeding while attempting to elude officers, can raise these fines. It all depends on the level or extent of felony committed as determined by the court.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Your insurance premiums can shoot up following a DWI conviction as insurance companies are likely to consider you a high-risk driver. Such a remark on your record can increase your insurance premiums by up to 400% and remain that way for as long as seven years. North Carolina implements a Safe Driver Incentive Plan or (SDIP), where repeat instances of DWI can drive up your premiums even further.

Aside from these financial burdens, you could be facing the loss of driving privileges. To mitigate such penalties, you might want to hire a competent Raleigh DWI lawyer whose experience and skill in criminal defense should prove invaluable.

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