Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Functions of a Criminal Attorney

Once you decide to engage the services of a criminal attorney, you might want to keep in mind what such a legal professional can do for you other than argue your case in court. A criminal attorney can help you in other respects that may not be apparent at first:

Negotiate “deals” with prosecutors, if necessary. These negotiations may result in reduced charges or lesser sentences. 

Take note that prosecutors may not always be cooperative toward self-represented defendants. 

Formulate sentencing programs to help the defendant avoid run-ins with the criminal justice system in the future. 

Act as a sounding board and help defendants cope with any feelings of fear, reduced self-esteem, anxiety, or embarrassment they might have. 

Help clients understand the hidden costs of pleading guilty that might escape the notice of self-represented defendants. 

Conduct the necessary legal research to build a successful case without getting in the way of work or other self-sustaining activities. 

Hire and manage investigators who can provide a different angle on the defendant’s situation. 

These investigators can then impeach prosecution witnesses who embellish their stories during the trial. 

Gather information from the prosecution’s witnesses, who might be reluctant, or even afraid, to talk directly to the defendant.

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