Friday, January 31, 2014

State vs. Federal: Choosing a Defense Attorney

There are different kinds of lawyers for different kinds of cases. In case you need legal representation for a criminal case, then obviously, you will need to hire the services of a criminal defense attorney. The next question to ask, then, would be whether you should get a state or federal one.

The Difference

Although they are essentially both lawyers, there is an intrinsic difference with the kinds of cases they handle. A state attorney is someone who handles cases involving local state laws, ranging from traffic violations, breached contracts, criminal offenses, and more. On the other hand, federal attorneys are responsible for cases that are wider in scope, such as, for example, those that involve a question of Constitutionality. They are also in charge of handling cases that name the United States as a party.

Improving Chances

Obviously, requiring the services of federal defense attorney for your case means that you will need bigger guns to fight this fight, figuratively speaking. Especially for cases in which you are going up against the government, you will need to have someone by your side who can speak the language of federal bureaucracy.

Regardless of whether you need a federal or state defense lawyer, however, what’s important is that you get the proper advice and representation to improve your chances of favorably resolving your legal issue.

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