Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Reality of Divorce in North Carolina

For better, for worse.... Those classic wedding vows are supposed to bind couples forever. Sadly, only around half of those who take this vow in North Carolina seem to be able to live up to them, as the 2008 statistics show that more than 50% of marriages in the state end up in divorce.

The high divorce rate in North Carolina has sparked debates among its legislators and citizens. Some say it is too easy to get a divorce in the state. On the flip side, there are those who say getting a divorce in North Carolina is actually much more difficult compared to other states, while the process for getting married is way too easy, encouraging hasty weddings. Those who are critical of quick marriages say this is more likely to result in failed unions, hence, contributing to the high divorce rate.

Whatever the reasons behind the high rate of divorce, it cannot be denied that the process for getting one can be emotionally painful, mentally exhausting, and financially challenging. To be able to get a divorce in North Carolina, one has to fulfill several requirements that could prove contentious to the divorcing parties, including the grounds for divorce, alimony, property distribution, and child support.

This emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing process makes the services of expert North Carolina divorce lawyers very important. A sympathetic, competent, and trustworthy lawyer will fight for their client's rights and will be the voice of objectivity in what is often an emotional battle. 

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